Jean-Franc Bolivar, CEO of Pinnacle consulting, has a background in Psychology and Business Administration. He has used his expertise in Organizational Behavior and Development to improve the cultural health of organizations and improve creativity and leadership. The core value of his consulting perspective is one of spirituality and purposefulness in all organizations from start-ups to large firms. He is an Entrepreneur and writer. He uses analytical tools to create meaning within organizations so that employees feel a connectedness with their jobs in order to navigate change and increase motivation and devotion.

His spiritual approach reflects his own faith in God and encourages all his clients, no matter their religion to incorporate goals which respect the role a higher power has for each member of the organization. The end is for leaders, teams, and employees to work synergistically to accomplish the mission and vision of organizations. Working with a greater perspective and purpose allows businesses to accomplish goals which survive the drastic changes that occur in the environment, marketplace and world.

Pinnacle consulting seeks to tap into the God given talent each employee holds and maximize productivity in work groups through healthy communication, recognizing the differences in personality types, communication styles and cultural backgrounds.