The most successful organizations in the world are ones with devoted, motivated, and creative employees. How is this possible? The answer to that question is simply this: organizations must operate with an end in mind which is rooted with faith in a higher power. This may seem out of place in today’s secular world, but the truth is that all higher aspirations from organizations receive inspiration from a source which is greater than themselves. This source gives employees a sense of meaning and purpose in what they do throughout the work week.

When employees know that they are doing things with a greater perspective, they naturally feel better about what they do physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. A greater purpose gives employees a feeling that what they are doing has significance in the world. We are all placed here on this journey to recreate, have families, enjoy the things in the world. When we have a sense of accomplishment in our vocational life, we are fueled with a sense of meaning. This meaning is what all men and women strive for. Without meaning, life becomes drudgery. Without meaning, life becomes about things and we suffer from anxiety, depression, nervousness, and narcissism.

When organizations work with a greater purpose, employees are naturally more creative, devoted, and happier. Employees communicate with each other more easily, because they all share the same goals and purpose. It is not necessary for all employees to share the same religious beliefs, or the same God. It is important though that the idealism, perfection, compassion, and unity which a higher power provides is shared. This truly is the perspective which will join employees together in groups, where they will work effectively and efficiently together. Through this greater purpose, there is no doubt that organizations will find a success they could never dream of.